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I will never forget the first day I was home with you, and I thought to myself, “Alright Miss Lola, you and I are in this together.” I had ZERO idea what I was doing and I had NOT a clue on what being a mother truly meant (this was pre Pinterest days clearly). My, how quickly things have changed.
In a way, we have both grown together over the past 10 years. You Lola have taught me more than I have taught you.
And here we are, you’re 10 years old tomorrow! A thriving, beautiful little girl, you’re bigger than life Lolabug. I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK.
For the past 10 years you’ve been my biggest worry and my biggest happiness. I have stayed up countless nights researching things (everything) so I could always provide the best for you! When I think of life before you, it feels like something was missing, as if I wasn’t yet complete. You have made me complete, my sweet Lolabug and as you learned I learned (before you I couldn’t keep a beta fish alive)!
When you opened your eyes for the very first time and stared at me, it was in that moment that I learned what unconditional love meant. I had never seen anyone or anything more beautiful.
You learned to roll over, and I learned not to scream in excitement every time you did, because that scared you but I was so excited for you!
You learned to laugh, and I learned that your laugh was my new favorite sound in life.
You learned to scream and I learned that you were a girl who knew what she wanted.
You learned to sit up and I suddenly learned that you wouldn’t be a baby forever.
You learned to crawl and I learned that nothing could ever get in your way…you’re always on a mission!
Lola you and I have many, many more years of learning together. You will learn so much more in life, and I will learn to support you (not kill you lol) through each step.
Thank you Lola Marie for the lessons, the laugher and changing me forever – YOU’RE MY EVERYTHING!!

Happy 10th Birthday Baby girl!!

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